A New Idea

I have been bouncing around with the idea of creating a natural living blog for about a year now. Most of my friends and family know I am obsessed with clean beauty and natural living, I guess you could call me crunchy! Natural living is a passion of mine and being a mom has greatly influenced my desire for cleaner and simpler choices in all aspects of life.

Our modern generation has advanced so much in science, medicine and overall making life “easier” for our generation. I do think that making life easier/convenient is great, but to an extent it has cause some unintended side effects for our generation and future generations. The amount of chemicals utilized in our cosmetics, food, and cleaning products today is astonishing. Some of these chemicals are so new, the research data is greatly limited to how they will affect us long term. As I began to educate myself on different chemicals, additives and growing practices, I knew that I would try to bring my family and myself to a more simple approach to food, beauty and lifestyle. With this blog, I hope that I can help others in their natural journey as well. I want to encourage my readers that a natural lifestyle is a process, I am not perfect and probably will never achieve a perfect natural lifestyle. Lets be real… I haven’t quite given up my sweet treats (and honestly I am not ready to give up my sweets) or convenience foods, but for the most part I try to make better choices each day. Hopefully I can help others make simple steps for a cleaner future!

As I get started in this journey, I hope that you enjoy learning with me. If you have questions or suggestions on awesome clean products drop me a comment below!



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