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How Does Your Garden Grow?


Spring has officially sprung this week! Although, here in the desert it’s been feeling like spring for quite a few weeks now, which means its only going to get hotter outside. Yuck! Our February rainstorms brought lots of March flowers, and it has been beautiful all throughout the desert. The picture above was taken near my house by my Father. (FYI he is an amazing photographer you should check out his blog Our family has been spending a lot of time outside in the backyard preparing our new garden the past few weeks thanks to the beautiful weather!

Growing up, I remember my paternal Grandfather and material Grandmother each had gardens at their homes. I remember all the fresh vegetables and loved watching/helping in their gardens. Having a garden of my own has been a dream since I was a child. When we bought our first home, we built our first raised bed garden, but unfortunately we sold the house and moved right before we would have truly began to enjoy the vegetables that were planted. Since we moved, I have been dreaming of my new garden! Just ask my poor husband who has been patiently listening to me say over and over, “When we build our new garden…. And don’t forget to put the garden into our backyard plans.” We are now in our new home and I have been anxiously waiting to start building. It’s taken me a few weeks to build the plots, and get them ready, but I finally finished our garden! Woohoo! I am starting out small with two plots and I hope to add another plot1 next year.

Starting a garden is something many people begin to do as spring comes and warmer weather starts. In addition to my childhood dreams, a part of trying to bring my family to a simpler life and become a bit more healthy and eco conscious, is starting a new garden. The added benefit beside cost and delicious produce is that you get to control what soil your plants are in, what type of seeds you buy and ensure that no pesticides are ever sprayed on your plants. A garden can be accomplished even if you have a small back yard or really no backyard at all. You can make a small potted herb garden, and grow a few smaller vegetables like carrots or peppers in a medium-large sized pot. Growing fresh herbs is probably the most satisfying result for me, the cost of fresh herbs at the store is outrageous, and they go bad quickly. Having the ability to go out your doorstep and snip a few herbs for dinner is very satisfying and delicious!

As a mother, growing our own vegetables and herbs means I get to teach my children where our food comes from. I also believe that children are more willing to try foods when they have helped in the process whether that is helping/watching as a meal is prepared or helping to grow the food itself. I tried my best to get the kids involved with the planting of the seeds, we did the whole Pinterest thing and grew some seedlings in egg shells! They helped me put the soil into the beds. And by “helped” I mean dig up and pull the soil out of the beds, or throw clay and rocks into the bed… But still they helped! Isabella did a pretty good job at helping me transfer the eggshell seedlings and both kids helped me plant a few new seeds right into the beds.

The garden has been a process but it feels good to be done. I am excited and hopeful for our vegetables and herbs to grow.


I will try to keep you my readers updated on “How my garden grows!”

Have you ever planted a garden? Are you starting one now?

***And sorry for all the puns! I am in a punny mood! 🙂



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