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So today has been a bit of a day… The kids are not napping, so instead I am on the couch while one terrorizes the living room and the other quietly watches Brave. No nap means no research session like I would normally do for my upcoming posts. Instead, I decided to drop a quick post on my Mighty Fix shipment that came in today!

The Mighty Fix is a monthly subscription service provided by Mighty Nest. Mighty Nest is an online retailer, “that provides you the ability to research, get advice and buy natural, organic and non-toxic products all in one place.” The Mighty Fix sends natural, organic or non-toxic products to your home each month through a subscription that is only $10! I have been getting this subscription service for almost two years! The retail cost of the full size products you receive each month varies between $10-$20. I have received everything from a set of three wool dryer balls, primal pit paste deodorant, thinksport sunscreen, and even glass/stainless steel food storage containers.

The Mighty Fix is unique because you can shop at Mighty Nest and add products from the retail site to your Fix shipment and receive free shipping on those products. When you sign up for a Mighty Fix you get member deals each month as well. They have products ranging from kitchen, wellness, green cleaning, baby & toddler, bath & body and more. The Mighty Fix is a fun way to learn and try new natural products for you and your home.

Ten dollars a month is two coffees at a coffee shop, cut down on two coffees and sign up for this subscription! I highly recommend this monthly dose of happy mail!

This Month I got Swedish Dish cloths. These cloths are made of earth-friendly wood cellulose and cotton. Each cloth lasts 9-12months and can be cleaned in either the dishwasher or washing machine (air dry). Plus they are biodegradable! I haven’t tried them yet, but I did get one wet and it feels like a hybrid of a normal washcloth and a super soft and thin sponge. I am excited to try it! The description card also comes with some sort of recipe each month either food, body or home care.

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**I do not receive any compensation for promoting this subscription, I truly just love it that much!


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