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Why are you holding back?

My kids have been on a Frozen kick for the last few months. We are watching it, singing the soundtrack and playing with all the frozen toys…non-stop. Basically the soundtrack of Frozen is played daily and stuck in my brain forever. All drama aside, I was playing the soundtrack today in the car as we drove home in hopes to keep the kids awake and not nap in the car. During the song “Fixer Upper” I had a revelation. The song begins with “Whats the issue, dear? Why are you holding back..” Now the song is about love and relationships, I am not talking about that today. I am talking about why are you holding back from making changes that could ultimately lead you and your family to a healthier life. Think about it, what is holding you back?

When I first started on my health and natural living journey I let a lot of fears, anxiety and unknowns hold me back. Fear of failing, not being “perfect”, anxiety about cost or wasting money on failed projects, and uncertainty of time and effort needed to make the changes. Eventually I made the leap, it was a pretty big one, but it was worth every stress, anxiety and uncertainty. My first leap was starting cloth diapers with my first child. Now it was a lot to start as a new mom and although I don’t recommend such a big change while your life is also vastly changing. I am here to say you can do it no matter the size of the change. I do recommend starting small on your changes, check out some of my past posts on how you can start small.

And to prove I am not perfect (and I believe no one should be) here are some of my continuing fears I still need to embrace:

  • fermenting more foods (I have failed pickles and sauerkraut too many times to count)
  • Recycling (sure I recycle boxes and paper, but to actually wash a can, oh man I still can’t bring myself to take the time)
  • Zero waste (We have cut down significantly on house hold paper use, but I always seem to forget bringing my reusable bags for grocery shopping and such)

Take some time this week to brainstorm where you can make a change, and let me know if I can help you out. Want more information or tips on a specific topic comment below!


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